Clean Eating

I don’t like the phrase ‘clean eating’ on many levels.  Mainly because it insinuates that if you don’t follow a ‘clean eating diet’, you are making poor food choices that impact negatively on your body. It also makes you feel guilty for the choices you make. The effect that stress or even guilt has on your health is arguably far more damaging than the food you are eating.  Unless of course it’s a daily MacDonald’s or similar….  It also makes me think of an only raw food diet which can also be damaging to your health; especially if you have IBS or other digestive health problems. Trying to follow what can be a very restrictive diet can play havoc with your body if it’s not the foods that your body can handle.  It also implies that you need to follow a particular way of eating and never have, dare I say it, butter again!  This is also limiting and can have a poor impact on your mental health.  The final nail in the coffin for me and ‘clean eating’ was that I saw a ‘health’ account with thousands of followers put what looked very much like milky way stars on a plate of ‘clean eating’ on social media.  This is absolutely not clean eating.  I’m not saying that person shouldn’t have had them – they spend all day every day in the gym (which is also arguably bad for you) so eating a few milky way stars here and there is completely allowed. Using the hashtag ‘clean eating’ with the post is absolutely not allowed.

When I look after you and your health I really avoid using words like ‘clean eating’ ‘diet’ ‘paleo’ ‘vegan’ vegetarian’ because I don’t want to impose those limitations on you when in fact, you need a mix of diet styles.  For some, being vegan is the best thing in the world, and for others it makes them really ill.  Likewise, I don’t want you to find making meals at home, or eating out challenging so you fall back into habits that aren’t good for you.  I encourage you to make healthier choices and to eat in a way that suits you and your life.  The one thing I recommend to everyone is to buy organic, or as organically as possible. 

I will also, never ever post a food photo that has each ingredient in single lines across the bowl or plate.  Because in all honesty, life is too short to do that.  (Those of you on Instagram etc will know what I mean) I will, however, support you through lifestyle changes rather than a diet, as diet implies to me it’s for a specific amount of time.  A lifestyle change is for life, and how what you eat will nourish your body and make it as healthy as it can be.

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