Consultations and Treatments


What to Expect

There is an initial consultation to gather information about your health concern(s) and to identify a goal for us to work towards. You and your immediate family’s medical history is covered to establish the impact previous health may have had on you. Past health and medications taken could be contributing to how you feel now. Based on this information and scientific research, your personalised treatment plan is developed. I will ensure that you receive the best care possible to support your during this time.


The follow up consultations are also 60 minutes. In them a variety of therapies will be used such as massage with aromatherapy and nutrition advice. Lifestyle advice is also given because of the effect this has on you and your body every day. You will be also be provided with a weekly self-care program to follow at home. This may include a herbal tea to drink or a breathing exercise to practice. This continues work done during the consultation and allows us to track progress made with your health concern(s).


You are also given a weekly self-care program to follow at home. This may include drinking a herbal tea or a breathing exercise to practice. By doing this you will carry on the progress achieved in the treatment session and enable us to track progress made with your health. Self-care helps you implement change with my support during our sessions. It also enables you to learn about ways to look after your health in the long run without needing me. Generally speaking you will need between 6 and 8 sessions for Naturopathy to make a noticeable difference in your health. Please see the mother and baby page for more information on pregnancy and post-natal reflexology, baby reflexology and baby massage. These can all be done in the comfort of your home.


Therapeutic Massage and Reflexology

Therapeutic massage and reflexology are also available as individual treatments. Each treatment session is 60 minutes.


Mother and Baby

Pregnancy and post-natal reflexology sessions are 60 minutes.
Baby and toddler reflexology sessions are 60 minutes.
Baby massage sessions are 60 minutes and are available as one to one or group sessions.



Naturopathy sessions of 60 minutes are £105. All reflexology and massage sessions are £75.
Please see my PRICING POLICY for additional information.


Philosophy and Principles

Naturopathy is defined by how I treat you, not the therapies I use, guided by the following principles:

– Treat the whole person
– Treat the cause of illness not the symptoms
– Do no harm
– Use natural ways to encourage balance and therefore healing within the body
– Pass on knowledge to teach you to look after your own health