Cooking/Planing for the week

London and life are hectic so I thought I would write about how I cook for the week.  I understand it won’t suit everyone due to family preferences or dietary restrictions.  Hopefully, you might pick up something useful that you can implement to make planning food, and cooking for the week a bit easier and healthier.

What I cook is dictated by what I get in my wonderful weekly organic Abel & Cole vegetable box; which in some ways helps remove thinking from my cooking.  However, I do still get bits and pieces from the supermarket to complete/bulk up what I cook, as not everything is taken care of in my weekly delivery.  I should also flag that I am happy to eat the same thing for about 4 days without getting too bored.  

Sundays tend to be my cooking day as generally speaking, there is time to spend in the kitchen.  I usually split what I get in my Abel & Cole delivery in half.   In autumn/winter half gets chopped up and turned into some sort of vegetable stew with pulses/pearl barley/couscous etc, and I may also add some meat to it.  I don’t buy meat very often as I try to only eat organic because of all the antibiotics that non-organic animals are pumped full of.  (And because intensive animal farming is horrific). The other half  I’ll turn into soup.  I tend to have the vegetable/meat stew for lunch and then soup in the evening with home-made organic bread, or I have eggs with toast.  (I also get 6 organic eggs a week in my Abel & Cole delivery).

In spring/summer, I will still bulk cook a hot meal for the evenings, mainly because of time and not wanting to have salad twice a day.  It will either be a vegetable stew or a soup, but if I get mushrooms I might fry them in butter and have on toast.   Lunch tends to be salad with most the vegetables raw, but I will add boiled potatoes and beetroot to it as well if I feel like it and possibly also some fish.  With the fish, I either bake it in the oven and add to the salads, or I buy smoked mackerel.

I make (well, my bread maker makes), a loaf of organic bread once a week and I tend to use a mix of flours.  At the moment, I am using sprouted spelt flour with a malted flour, but I have also used normal wholemeal flour with sprouted spelt flour. This means I can always have toast if I run out of time/food/inspiration.

I don’t make perfect meals and they certainly aren’t beautiful or presented in stripes as you see on so many social media accounts.  I cook in a way that is as time efficient as possible and as full of good nutrition as possible.

I may, going through the week fancy something in particular, so I will buy that and have it with food I have already cooked or as a meal on its own.  I do my best to pre-cook/plan for the week and if I am craving something I then add that in.  When you crave a food I always recommend you eat it as there will be something in it that you need.  I’m afraid the exception to this is milk chocolate/cake etc.  These can be replaced with things that are better for you if you eat/crave these things a lot.  If it’s only occasionally then that’s a bit different. 

As I have already said, I know this will not suit everyone, but it’s amazing how much time it saves and how great it is knowing that food for a few days is taken care of.  AND you have probably only used one or two saucepans in the process!

If you want any ideas/aren’t entirely sure what I’m talking about, follow me on Instagram as I take loads of food photos of what I cook/eat.  My Instagram name is Harley_Street_Naturopath

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