Hay Fever Tips

Hay fever seems to be very prevalent at the moment so I thought it might be useful to explain a little bit about it and what’s going on in the body.

Hay fever makes itself known with all sorts of symptoms including a blocked/runny nose, a sore/tickly throat and eyes that itch and don’t stop watering.  Whilst you feel it in the face, the problem can actually be in your digestive system.  Often people who have hay fever also have digestive problems, or have taken lots of antibiotics in the past. 

By healing your digestive system, you boost your immune system, and its ability to deal with pollen.  This is because hay fever is caused by an inflammatory response in the body controlled by the immune system.  By boosting the immune system and body’s ability to defend itself more effectively, means you won’t react in the same way.

Having said that, as hay fever makes everyone feel miserable, I have listed below some tips to help soothe symptoms.  I have also listed some tips on how to boost the immune system as I wouldn’t be acting Naturopathically if I only addressed symptoms and not cause!

If hay fever makes life unbearable and would like to address/resolve the cause of it, or your digestive system gives you problems, email me to book in.

  1. If you drink chamomile tea, stop as it can aggravate your symptoms.
  2. Drink nettle tea (2 organic tea bags per mug) and leave it to sit for 15-20 minutes before drinking. Don’t think of it as a hot drink, but as a medicinal one.
  3. If your eyes are really bothering you, soak cotton wool pads in the nettle tea and place them over your eyes (once it’s cool).
  4. Try and avoid/minimise foods and drinks that cause inflammation in the body. They include caffeine, sugar, wheat, dairy (not eggs) and chocolate.
  5. Use organic Black Pepper, Lemon and Lime essential oils in a steam inhalation. Put a couple of drops each in the water and be mindful of your eyes and the steam/chemical compounds in the oils.

To boost your immune system and help lower the inflammation response, include and increase the following foods/nutrients in your diet.  Always organic if you can.

  • Ginger
  • Garlic
  • Red Onion
  • Turmeric – make sure you eat or drink it with a bit of black pepper and fat (oil/milk)
  • Omega 3 – flax seeds, chia seeds, oily fish, avocado eggs
  • Vitamin C – Sweet red peppers, kale, broccoli, orange, lemon, lime
  • Raw local honey
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