Katie’s Top Eating Tips for Christmas

Christmas is a time when we, myself included, think sod it and eat EVERYTHING. Which is fine. It’s a time to enjoy being with friends and family, spending time together, sitting around a table and eating. I am 100% on board with this, I’m VERY excited about all the food that’s on the horizon. It’s also a time to give yourself permission to eat chocolate way too early in the day, to spend the days in your pj’s and to generally do not a lot.


It’s not a bad thing to be mindful of the impact of the increase in food and the lack of exercise. So I have listed below some really easy things to do to help support your digestive system over Christmas. 

1. Have lemon in hot water to start the day especially if you wake up feeling a bit bloated and bleurgh. You can also add fresh ginger and mint to it too. If you get a lot of indigestion, try having a tablespoon of (organic) apple cider vinegar in a glass of water before each meal. 

2. Go for walks! I know it doesn’t seem like much, but getting out into a park if you can, or a city walk over Christmas is a really great thing to do! The longer the better and around an hour and a half hits the magic 10,000 step mark.  Going for walks will appease your mind about all the food you will eat. It makes your mind happy to be out and about enjoying where you are. And it gets you moving which is important for your bone health, cardiovascular system and your immune system. 

3. Try if you can to leave 12 or 14 hours between the last thing you eat/drink and the first thing you eat/drink the next day. This helps to give your liver time to do all that it needs to do! It also gives your digestive system to get everything moving through before the next meal. 

4. Drink a mug of peppermint tea after each meal. It just helps your digestive system. 

5. Make each plate of food half vegetables! This means that you are still getting loads of fibre, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in, to help combat all the sugar.

6. East your greens!!! Not only are they full of good stuff like vitamin c and magnesium, but they are also the livers best friend. The more bitter the greens – eg rocket, kale and watercress, the better. They help stimulate bile which makes the intestines work better AND helps the liver get rid of toxins in the body. (If you are constipated, definitely start each meal with a few bitter greens). 

7. Keep your water intake up! Especially with the increase in booze. Often your body tells you that you are hungry when in fact you are thirsty. So if it’s not a meal time and you are thinking about the next chocolate or mince pie, have a glass of water and see if you still want to eat something. 

8. And finally, ENJOY!!!! And if you are worried about the post-Christmas detox/fast you feel you HAVE to do. Don’t panic. Book in with me and I’ll teach you how to shift the weight and STILL EAT! (Save juicing and minimising food for spring/summer. It’s much kinder to your body to do it then).  There is still time to book into my January 24th Workshop in London to find out more…

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, New Year and thank you for all your support this year.

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