Do you regularly get less than 7 hours sleep?

Are you often in bed after midnight?

Do you feel sleepy on the sofa so go to bed and then look at your phone/tablet/laptop etc?

Do you feel full of energy, can’t wait to get out of bed and start the day?  If you answered yes to the first 3 questions, I highly doubt you said yes to the last.  And if you think you are full of energy, you are mistaking stress and running on cortisol and adrenaline for feeling good. You are in fact, running on empty.

A research study back in 1995 reported 7.2 hours to 7.4 hours is deficient and that less than 6.6 hours is disastrous! And yet sleep is still a huge problem and the right amount is not known about by the public.

So, how much do you sleep?  Do you fall into the deficient or disastrous category?  It’s a sad part of modern life that being able to function on less and less sleep is seen as a good thing.  Something to brag about. Do you rely on caffeine and sugar (or dare I say it class A drugs) to get you through the day?   Do you know what it’s doing to your body?

Not only does a lack of sleep impact negatively on every single function the body has to do, adding poor diet to get in the much-needed calories for energy causes so much internal stress and damage.  It might not be noticeable now, but every day there is a build-up which can result in the diagnosis of diabetes, cancer, heart conditions and autoimmune disease. 

Do you get every cough and cold going?  This is often the body trying to tell you that you need a break and to sleep. 

There are simple ways to help you get to sleep if getting to sleep is a problem.  I often hear that going to sleep is difficult which is probably because you are so wired at night with over exhaustion, too much caffeine/sugar and far too much blue screen time.

Below are some Naturopathic tips to help get a better night’s sleep.  If you want more help/advice get in touch so we can get a sleep consultation booked in.

  1. Try not to have caffeine/refined sugar (chocolate, sweets, biscuits etc) after 3pm. Replace snacks with plain unsalted nuts/seeds/a little bit of dried fruit or coconut (that doesn’t have added sugar); or a nakd bar, protein ball or similar.
  2. Try and eat supper no later than 8pm so your body has time to get its energy boost from the food and then get sleepy in time for you to go to bed.
  3. Try a herbal tea after supper such as lime blossom or the Pukka ‘Night Time’ tea.
  4. Keep off your phone/tablet/laptop for 2 hours before you go to bed, and don’t look at it in bed!
  5. Get into bed by 11pm, and read a paper book, not on a kindle/phone etc. Ideally you want to be asleep before midnight.
  6. Have a bath before bed – not too hot as that stresses the body out. You can also add Epsom Bath Salts to it which are soothing and relaxing due to their mineral content.
  7. Put a couple of drops of lavender essential oil on a tissue and put it under your pillow.

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