“Baby massage with Katie was a great introduction to providing some sensory stimulus in a calm relaxing way. This was particularly useful for my baby who was very unsettled and cried a lot for the first 8-9 weeks of his life. He is really enjoying a massage after his bath now.”
Alice, London


“I thoroughly enjoyed doing the baby massage course with Katie and so did my baby daughter! Katie had a very calm yet confident manner and instructed us very clearly, always explaining the benefits for each individual movement. The materials she provided were really helpful and well laid out. I feel strongly that my baby has benefited from the massage each time I do it after her evening bath. Among other things, I believe it calms her down and helps her get off to a sound sleep. I would highly recommend the baby massage course with Katie for any new mums out there who want to learn how to do it properly!”
Sarah, London


“Sessions with Katie were extremely helpful, and equipped me with ways of managing lingering health problems that were badly affecting me during a difficult period. Katie not only made available a variety of effective natural remedies and treatments, but helped me focus on making small weekly lifestyle changes, and gave me the confidence and patience to begin exploring others.”
Jo, 31, London


“I met Katie while working at a trade show. I’d been on my feet for days and was suffering chronic lower back pain. The next day she bought me aromatherapy oil made with ginger black pepper and some sort of magic. I was a little skeptical but after several applications my pain entirely disappeared, it was simply amazing.”
Matt, 39, London


“Katie’s bespoke Aromatherapy Oil is instantly effective in combating the wind turbine that my digestive system often becomes after eating in the evening – and it is rubbed on not taken. Brilliant! Interestingly it also worked very well in reducing the irritation from a large eczema-type stress rash on my ankle – she said this is because the oil she made for me is principally a calming elixir. She has also successfully massaged away long-term aches and pains in my shoulder. Her calm, no nonsense way of dealing with health issues together with her professionalism is most reassuring.”
William, 62, Colchester


“We had one on one sessions with her at our home and we both really enjoyed learning this special technique that helped us bond with our babies, plus was so good for them too. Katie was professional, patient, knowledgeable, a great teacher and clearly a natural with babies. I would highly recommend her and If the twins could speak I know they would say thank you, thank you, thank you.

Clare, London


“I didn’t really know what to expect with baby massage, but now having completed Katie’s course I can clearly see the benefits. Katie was professional, made the sessions enjoyable and put us all at ease. I think it’s a great skill for any father to have in his tool kit and am pleased my fiancée persuaded me that this would be a good thing for us to do for our babies.”

George, London