Time to Ditch that Diet?

Following on from my last post about why it’s best to do a juice fast/detox in spring I thought I would write about dieting and why it doesn’t really work. 

The minute you put yourself on a diet or decide to start it on Monday, is also the minute you feel deprived of everything and binge eat everything because you are about to only allow yourself salad for the rest of your life. And let’s face it. That’s miserable. And when you do lose weight, get to where you feel good and start eating normally again, more often than not you pile all the weight back on again. 

So. What do to? I advise all my clients on making food/eating/lifestyle changes. I do not mention the word diet at all. Diet suggests that it’s for a specific time period when in fact you should just eat better all the time. I don’t follow a specific diet either. I’m not vegan and for those doing ‘veganuary’ please make sure you are eating properly so you get all the nutrients you need.  Don’t just eat soy and check the labels of all the alternatives. Most of them are full of rubbish and are devoid of nutrients. (Contact me for a consultation for tips and advice on how to be a healthy vegan). 

Healthy eating to keep unwanted weight off isn’t actually that hard. It’s just about knowing what and when to eat. Listen to your body. Does it actually want little and often? Or does it prefer 3 bigger meals? Are you drinking enough water? The body gives the same message – feeling hungry – until you are dehydrated and then you feel thirsty. Do you avoid full fat because it will make you put on weight? If you eat low-fat alternatives that aren’t naturally low fat, they can actually add to weight gain and poor health. Do you eat loads of naked bars and protein balls because they are a healthy snack? Well they are, but they are also normally at least 50% dates; so if you have more than one or two a day, that’s a lot of sugar. 

Do you drink loads of fruit juice? Once again. That’s just loads of sugar. Skip breakfast and wait until lunch? That stresses the body out and makes it worried that famine is on the way so it stores more fat. 

Eat supper late? If you eat after 8.30pm, bringing supper forward helps you burn up some of the calories before you go to bed. Otherwise, you are just fueling up to do nothing, so food turns into fat. Also. If you leave 12 hours between supper and breakfast that’s a natural fast length for your liver to do its detoxing thing.

If any of this sounds like you, or your eating habits and you want to lose some weight/eat more healthily, get in touch for a nutrition consultation. 2 hours of support from me spread over a month only costs £170 and will equip you to eat better without cutting everything yummy out or starving yourself, so you then feel miserable and binge on ‘feel good’ food. I will even allow you to have coffee and (dark) chocolate! 

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  • Juliet Powell

    18th January 2018 at 8:43 pm Reply

    This is a really helpful post. Thank you, Katie.

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